Miss Potter (2006): Christmas Part 2


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The clip christmas Part 2 from Miss Potter (2006)

Oh, that is a pity.
I play.
This is to play with Sir Nigel, Miss Warne.
Sir Nigel takes his whist very seriously.
I play rather well, actually.
Do you, Millie?
Well, I'm sure you two have plenty to talk about without me,
and if they can't play without a fourth...
Come along, Miss Warne.
Carols in the music room, my dears.
Perhaps I could show you your Christmas present.
It's upstairs.
I will bring the coffee.
Mrs. Wiggin.
Miss Wiggin. I have taken the liberty of adding
a splash of brandy to our coffees.
Well, it is Christmas.
Is this where you paint, Miss Potter?
Yes, and it's where we shall find your Christmas present.

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