Miss Potter (2006): Norman's Christmas Present


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The clip norman's christmas present from Miss Potter (2006)

Oh, my!
I think, other than Bertram and Father, you are the first man ever
to set foot in this room.
Would you like me to leave?
No, no, no. Wiggin is here.
And if this is the best I can do for scandal at my age,
I'm hardly worthy of my reputation for creativity.
My, but it's beautiful!
Is it the new story?
Miss Potter, is it the new story?
Is it?
I'm not going to tell you.
Come over here.
That's Jemima Puddle-Duck.
It's the first drawing I ever did of Jemima. I was eight, I think.
Jemima, stop that!
Stop what?
Just some silliness.
And what's this?
Oh, it's a music box.
My father gave it to me for my sixth birthday.
He did the painting himself.
So your father is an artist too?
No. He always wanted to be an artist, but the family disapproved.
So, he took up law.
The joke is I've never once heard him discuss a case.
He goes to his club every day, and never his office.
So, I don't really know what he does.
Oh, dear.
Wiggin is fallible.
I'm afraid, Miss Potter, your reputation is now officially dented.
'Let me teach you how to dance'. Do you dance, Miss Potter?
No. Well, not well.
I make a terrible hash of it too when I try,
but the words are very sweet.
You know the words? Will you sing the words?
Well, er...
Let me teach you how to dance
Let me lead you to the floor
Simply place your hand in mine
And then think of nothing more.
Let the music cast its spell

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