Miss Potter (2006): Beatrix Confides in Millie


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The clip beatrix confides in millie from Miss Potter (2006)

What is it? Is there something wrong?
No. As my confidante.
You have something to confide? How delicious!
Your brother has asked me to marry him,
and I feel, quite irrationally, that I may say, 'yes'.
I'd like your approval.
My approval?
Beatrix, don't be a fool.
Marry him.
Tomorrow. Don't waste a moment. How could you hesitate?
You're not upset?
Well, why would I be upset?
Well, both Norman and I. You'll be alone.
You have a chance for happiness, and you're worrying about me?
I wouldn't worry about you if, if someone came along
who loved me and whom I loved, I would trample my mother.
Do you love Norman?
Then marry him. Don't you dare think about anyone else.
But what about all the blessings of being alone?
What else is a woman on her own supposed to say?
You have a chance to be loved. Take it.
And leave me happy,
knowing that the two people that I love are happy.
That is the most thought you should ever have for me.
There you are, Beatrix! The guests.
Yes, Mother.
What is going on tonight?
Why do I feel like a stranger in my own home?
You have a clever daughter, Rupert. You must be very proud.

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