Miss Potter (2006): Meeting Norman


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The clip meeting norman from Miss Potter (2006) with Barbara Flynn

Who we expecting someone?
That's my publishers.
It's not a social call. In fact, I'm rather dreading it.
I wish you wouldn't invite trades people in to the house.
They carry dust.
Well, next time, I shall go to their office.
Mr. Norman Warne.
Miss Potter.
I hope you will forgive my intrusion into your daily routine.
I was expecting one of the...
Ah, yes, I am Harold and Fruing's brother.
I've recently joined the firm and they have done me
the great honour of assigning your book to me.
Thank you. It was most gracious of you to invite me to...
Yes, I would love some.
Yes, thank you. Lemon.
Thank you.
Delightful and magical and so beautifully drawn.
I am utterly, utterly speechless.
Perhaps we should discuss our business, Mr. Warne.
I put your drawings aside with the greatest reluctance.
Your brother's letter makes two proposals
which I find quite unacceptable.
First, they'd like the drawings to be in colour.
I'm adamant they be in black and white.
But Peter Rabbit's blue jacket and the red radishes,
Surely you would like your enchanting drawings reproduced as they are?
Well, of course I would prefer colour, but colour will make the book cost
far more than little rabbits can afford. I'm adamant.
Which brings us to your brother's second point.
They wish to reduce the number of drawings by nearly a third.
Totally unacceptable.
Let me explain. The idea of reducing the number
of drawings was not my brother's but my own.
If we can reduce the number to 31 precisely,
then the illustrations for the entire book could be printed
on a single sheet of paper using what we call the three-colour process,
that you desire, and at a relatively low level of cost. Yes?

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