The Interpreter (2005): Alert at the UN Meeting


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The clip Alert at the UN Meeting from The Interpreter (2005) with Nicole Kidman

The United Nations was born in a hope that survived world war...
We must not allow the peace of the world to be jeopardized.
Not only is this a negation of democracy and its principles,
it constitutes interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states.
We are presently in the throes of a great transition
in humankind's affairs.
Modern technology is altering our world
in ways that would have been impossible to fathom
when the United Nations Charter was signed.
Could you take your jacket off?
Go ahead.
Put it in the drawer, please.
Step forward, please.
Step through.
Oh, man.
Peace, security and freedom
are not finite commodities like land, oil or gold,
which one state can acquire at another's expense.
Get the GA President into the safe room. Inform him.
Clear out the tourists, get the Prime Minister on his way out.
While globalization has benefited portions of the world...
While there are now 191 nations represented,

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