The Interpreter (2005): Silvia Confronts Kuman-Kuman


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The clip Silvia Confronts Kuman-Kuman from The Interpreter (2005)

She's coming your way.
Oh, no. No scooter, please. Come on, no scooter.
Yes. Thank you, God.
You might as well drive me. We're going to Brooklyn.
Corner of Bergen and Nostrand.
Jad Jamal. Worked the interpreters' lounge the day the mask showed up.
Bring him to me.
Can't. He didn't show up for work.
Sit on his apartment.
Doug's there.
Hey. Got the INS files.
This isn't the way it's supposed to be done.
You can let me off up here.
She's at the corner of Bergen and Nostrand in Brooklyn.
She's where?
My guy's on the move.
She's here, whether I brought her or not.
Go back. What's she doing?
Waiting for something.
Holy shit.
The janitor. Jad Jamal.
That's not him.
I know. That's his room-mate.
Jamal's room-mate just left the building.
His name is Gamba. Jean Gamba.

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