The Interpreter (2005): Polygraph Test Part 2


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The clip Polygraph Test Part 2 from The Interpreter (2005) with Jesper Christensen, Nicole Kidman

We should just read her palm.
How did I do?
Je ne sais pas.
Nils Lud. Dr. Zuwanie's head of security.
I thought since you were in a question-answering mood, I might ask one or two.
Might I ask where you stand now politically, Ms. Broome?
I'm for peace and quiet, Mr. Lud. It's why I came to the UN. Quiet diplomacy.
With respect, you only interpret.
Countries have gone to war after misinterpreting one another.
I would say she's clearly under stress, but not necessarily lying.
I'm told what you heard was a whisper.
Is it possible you could identify it if you ever heard it again?
It might be.
Tell me, do you have a brother?
I hope it's all right. I took this opportunity to ask Miss Broome a few questions.
You're free to go. Agent Scott will drive you back to the UN.
Would you drive Ms Broome back to the UN, please? Thank you.
Does this mean the test was...?
The test was inconclusive.
But I'd rather make the mistake of believing her than the bigger one of not.
Next time you want to question an American citizen
in the offices of the United States Secret Service, you ask permission.

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