The Interpreter (2005): Silvia Threatens Zuwanie Part 2


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The clip Silvia Threatens Zuwanie Part 2 from The Interpreter (2005) with Nicole Kidman

He's got a Glock on his hip.
Code 100 in the sound room.
Look at it.
Look at it!
Careful. The bleeder is an AIDS patient.
There's no way you can prove any of this.
You'll cop a plea. You're just an employee, right?
He's in custody. They're bringing him down.
SWAT team's at 42nd Street.
Are you all right?
Yeah. Where's Zuwanie?
The safe room. What happened?
It was a fake.
A piece of theatre to justify the killing. Ethnic cleansing, genocide.
You there? That's the flight. She's not on it.
I checked every hotel in New York, every friend she's got.
They don't know where she'd go. No one knows her.
I know her.
OK, where is she?
She said she was going home.
I'm going home...
What home? Where?
How'd you happen to be there after hours?
An evacuation. I left some things.
It takes too long... I wouldn't mind if he were gone.
She's here. She's been in that room all night.
How could someone so good, so...
How could you give us so much,
so much...
then take away more?

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