The Interpreter (2005): Silvia Threatens Zuwanie


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The clip Silvia Threatens Zuwanie from The Interpreter (2005) with George Harris

Incredible. Thank God I looked up.
He's from our mission.
I know who he is. Holster your weapon.
Dr. Zuwanie.
I remember the last time you were here.
Use the 42nd Street exit.
We almost had an assassination here.
Please move...
We watched you on the telly back home.
My family. All the families. You were like the Beatles.
Two or three more seconds, I would have been too late; he almost assassinated him.
An almost-assassinated leader gets so much credibility
so he can stay in power and gets to stick around to enjoy it.
We were so proud of you.
There you were, speaking to the world.
I don't think you should touch...
Because I'm not wearing a glove?
What is your name, child?
I'm the Silvia whose family you killed.
What's in your hand?
It's... Just a precaution.
What's in your hand? He must've been very surprised.
He thought it was a live round.
Where is everyone?
But you knew better.
Give me the live round.
I grew up seeing you with this gun. It's the gun you saved our country with.
Drop the gun!
Put it down!
Keller, US Secret Service.
It's the same one you used to kill it.

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