The Interpreter (2005): Zuwanie's Arrival


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The clip Zuwanie's Arrival from The Interpreter (2005) with Nicole Kidman

Keller, Lewis. Those numbers scribbled on Jamal's kitchen wall.
Ray's Pizza, some sex lines, a hardware store and a global cell phone.
Chase down the global cell.
Keller, it's Mo.
Go ahead, Mo.
She booked a flight online.
Check all flights to South Africa out of JFK, LaGuardia and Newark.
And then what? If I find her.
Get her on the phone with me.
He's here.
That's him?
Second car.
Keller? Lewis. The global cell belongs to Jean Gamba.
Got the times of the calls?
Day before yesterday, 3.30 pm. Anything there?
Day before yesterday, 3.30?
3.30, yeah.
Call it. No, have Lewis call.
I'm Lewis.

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