Animal House (1978): Getting Dates from Girls College


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The clip getting dates from girls college from Animal House (1978)

Excuse me.
Can I help you?
I'm here to pick up my date. Could you ring Fawn Liebowitz?
Fawn Liebowitz?
Just a minute.
Hello, Shelly?
This is Brunella at the desk. Could you come down here? Now.
A boy is here for Fawn.
Thank you.
Is she coming down?
Her roommate is. Fawn isn't here. She..
Would you excuse me a minute?
I'm Shelly Dubinsky, Fawn's roommate.
I'm Frank Lymon from Amherst, Fawn's fianc�.
Actually, we're engaged to be engaged.
What's wrong with everyone here?
Why don't we sit down, Frank?
I don't know how to tell you...
so I'll just tell you.
Fawn's dead.
She's dead?
Did she put you up to this? That minx.
What a lively sense of humour.
"Sophomore dies in kiln explosion"?

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