Animal House (1978): Getting Supplies for Toga Party


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The clip getting supplies for toga party from Animal House (1978) with Karen Allen, Peter Riegert

Honestly, you're 21 years old. In six months, you graduate.
Tomorrow night, you'll wrap yourself in a sheet, pour grain alcohol all over your head.
Cute, but I think I'll pass this time.
Want me to go alone?
I don't want you to go at all.
It's a fraternity party.
I'm in the fraternity. How can I miss it?
I'll write you a note. I'll say you're too well to attend.
It's funny.
Very funny.
Where did he get the wheels?
From his brother.
He's letting him use it for a week.
Flounder's bringing his girlfriend up for the weekend.
I am appointing you...
pledge representative to the social committee.
Gee, thanks!
What do I do?
Drive us to the Food King!
Food King!
Otter, please.
What are you doing?
Fixing your sweater. There you go.
Keep them under there, and keep your sweater closed.
I could get in trouble.
That's right, so...
be cool.

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