Training Day (2001): Meeting on the Rooftop


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The clip meeting on the rooftop from Training Day (2001) with Dr. Dre, Ethan Hawke

Check this out. Nice suit, Mark.
Beautiful suit.
Yeah, fuck you guys!
All right. Nice, nice.
What's up, Alonzo?
The picks and shovels?
In the trunk.
Digging a ditch?
No, you are. Nice suit you got on there.
That's what I said.
What up, killer?
What's up with you?
Heard you ran into trouble.
It's all good.
Don't worry, everything's fine.
Shit, if we can get away with it, I'm with you.
Who the fuck is this?
Jake Hoyt. It's my first day.
You're a long way from Starbucks.
Why the fuck is he here?
Gotta get his cherry popped.
Stay the fuck out of my way.
This is for the big dogs. Feel me?
Here it is, all legit, signed by the judge, okay?
Thanks to the Sandman. Now listen.
Safety is first.
He gives us shit, we give him lead.
Let's do this right so we can all go home.
Time to punch in, ladies.

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