Training Day (2001): Forcing Hoyt to Smoke Marijuana


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The clip Forcing Hoyt to smoke Marijuana from Training Day (2001) with Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke

To be truly effective...
...a good narcotics agent must know and love narcotics.
A good narcotics agent should have...
...narcotics in his blood.
What, you gonna smoke that?
No, you are.
Hell if I am!
You're not?
Why? You a Mormon?
I'm not losing my job.
This is your job.
Smoke it.
This ain't a test. Take a hit.
Listen, I became a cop to stop people from using...
That ain't cocaine. Take a hit.
No, man.
Jesus Christ!
Yeah, right.
If I was a dealer, you'd be dead!
Turn shit down out here, and your wife gets a flag.
What's wrong with you?
You know what?
I don't want you in my unit. Get the fuck out of my car, rookie.
Poo butt-ass.
What's the holdup?
Move it!
Give me that thing.
I'll smoke it. Give it to me.
You want me to, I'll smoke it.

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