Training Day (2001): Too Stoned for a Joke

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Published 25 Nov 2011
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The clip too stoned for a joke from Training Day (2001) with Scott Glenn, Ethan Hawke

Strong safety, huh?
It's me. What's up?
I can't do anything. Clean up your own mess. Don't call me.
Hey! Here's a joke, boy.
Man walks out of his house, sees this snail lying on his porch.
So he picks it up, chucks it into the backyard.
Snail bounces off a rock, busts its shell up all to shit...
...lands in the grass.
Snail lies there dying.
...snail doesn't die. Soon it can crawl again.
And one day...
...snail heads back to the front of the house.
Finally, after about a year...
...the little guy crawls back on the porch.
Right then the man walks out of his house...
...sees this snail again.
So he looks at it...
...and he says:
"The fuck's your problem?"
That's not funny.
What you laughing for then?
I don't know, man. I...
Figure that joke out, you'll figure the streets out.
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