Training Day (2001): Roger the Drug Dealer


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The clip Roger the Drug dealer from Training Day (2001)

This is my dog's house.
We'll see what he thinks of you.
Get your ass in here!
Roger, what's up?
How are they treating you?
All right.
I didn't wake you up?
I never sleep.
Right. This my new guy, Jake.
Come on. Get in here.
Yeah. Time to get my swerve on here!
What you drinking?
The best.
The best, I know. Best for the best.
I heard about Vegas. Got a green light on your ass.
No problem.
Russians want you. I got your back.
I know that. Thank you.
Here. Get that medicine up in you.
Back to the world.
Back to the world.
Went and got yourself a daisy-fresh rookie.
He's high as a motherfucker. What did you give him?
A little of Mexico's finest.
Where'd you grow up?
North Hollywood.
What's your last name?
Hoyt. Hoyt...
Strong safety, North Hollywood High.
How'd you know that?
How did you?
I follow all the good players.
No doubt.
Excuse me. Shit.

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