Training Day (2001): Letting the Girl Go


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The clip letting the girl go from Training Day (2001) with Denzel Washington

My nigga!
Go ahead, cowboy, you got mad squabbles.
Thanks for the help.
You should've shot them.
What's happening?
You're dead!
Okay! Wait! Hold it!
You too, white boy!
My cousins will blast you fools!
Calm down.
Calm down. You okay?
No, I'm not!
Look at my nose!
I see it.
Put ice on it. You'll be fine. What're you doing here?
I was just...
They probably got AIDS.
Why you not at school?
I was going to a ditch party and...
You almost became the ditch party.
Where your cousins from?
Hillside Trece!
Remember that!
Tell your cousins to get your back.
Grab your bag and go home now.
No! I need a statement...
Don't need no statement.
They'll fuck you up.
We gonna let them go?

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