Sgt. Bilko (1996): Wally's Plan


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The clip Wally's Plan from Sgt. Bilko (1996) with Steve Martin

He sure does.
I wanna tell you a little story. There was once a little boy...
...and that little boy had a dream to run one of the most sophisticated...
...illegal gaming operations the US Army has ever seen.
He's not worried.
Not a bit.
And that little boy's dream came true.
But now they're trying to snatch that dream back from him.
He is worried.
That's not good.
But what are the last two letters in the name Bilko? K-O!
Of course, the first are B-I-L, which is meaningless.
But still, am I giving up? No! Never! Well, kind of, but not really...
...because there is no way I am going to Greenland.
Well, you're probably wondering if I have a plan.
Well, of course I have a plan! A P-L-A-N. Plan.
He's got no plan.
We're screwed.
I have a plan, Sarge.
But maybe a plan is not what I need!
What I really need is just a little puppy.
A little puppy with big, brown eyes who'll just come to me and lick my face...
...and just love me so much, no matter what kind of person I am.
Sarge, I really do have a plan.
Oh, so now you have a plan. Well, let's hear your plan, Wally.
What if the hovertank did work? That'd prove you haven't diverted the money.
Oh! That is so stup... What?
That would prove you hadn't been diverting the money. Wouldn't it?
Are you saying you can get the hovertank to work?
No, of course not. But we don't need to hold four aces if they think we hold 'em.
Permission to speak freely?
Tell me a bit more about this plan, because I think that's actually...
If they come, deny everything. Just act dumb.
Fender, I'm putting you in charge of that.
I love the nightlife, I like to boogie

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