Sgt. Bilko (1996): Rita's Manipulation Exposed


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The clip Rita's Manipulation Exposed from Sgt. Bilko (1996) with Steve Martin, Glenne Headly

Rita, you can't marry Thorn. You don't love him.
Think of the children. You're a Catholic and he's an asshole!
How would you raise them? And he's already cheating on you with Paparelli.
Hi, soldier boy.
Sowicki never told you I was marrying Thorn.
You told Sowicki to call me. You manipulated me. How could you?
Why not? I have a master's in manipulation from the University of Bilko.
You tricked me. You sucked me in.
This is the most turned on I've ever been in my life.
Rita, I'm so glad we're back together again.
Twelve more days.
No wonder the hovertank never worked.

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