Sgt. Bilko (1996): Hocky Game Disturbed


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The clip Hocky Game Disturbed from Sgt. Bilko (1996)

God, I forgot it's the play-offs!
Sarge! Here's the money from the blade rentals.
Stop, stop! Put that away! Stop, everyone! Stop!
Ridin' along in my automobile
My baby beside me at the wheel
I stole a kiss at the turn of a mile
It's Hall with Major Thorn. Looks like a surprise inspection.
An inspection? Now? Look at this place!
ETA, 90 seconds.
Think. Think.
I've got to think. Where's Alpha company?
Field exercises.
So we parked way out on the Kokomo
The night was young and the moon was gold
So we both decided to take a stroll
Can you imagine the way I felt?
I couldn't unfasten her safety belt
Cruisin' and playin' the radio
With no particular place to go
Um, which way are we...
...facing here?
Uh, well... it would have to be this one here.
Over hill, over dale we have hit the dusty trail

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