Sgt. Bilko (1996): Bilko and Thorn Meet Again


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The clip Bilko and Thorn Meet Again from Sgt. Bilko (1996) with Steve Martin, Daryl Mitchell

$20 says I can hit the parking lot.
I don't gamble.
What is it you do do?
Permission to speak...
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go ahead.
I get up every morning and I get dressed to protect the American way of life.
Would you tell me that later tonight so I don't have to take a sleeping pill?
It can't be.
Lieutenant Thorn.
Actually, it's Major Thorn now.
Well, congratulations.
I didn't know you were still in the service. I'd have looked you up long ago.
I'll bet.
Tell me, Colonel, is he still the same rascal he was at Fort Dix?
That's one way of putting it.
You changed my life.
Remember that little boxing match?
Boxing match... Hmm.
That made me a new man. You remember how stiff and uptight I used to be?
Thanks to him, I realised you can't treat people that way.
I'm a better man for it. Thanks, Ernie.
What was that?
Greyhounds, sir.
How long will you be with us, Major?
Not long.
Colonel, what do you say we have that casserole?
Absolutely, and some jellied yams as well.
Let's get back to the barracks and cancel everything-dances, raffles, everything.

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