Sgt. Bilko (1996): Wally Meets The Colonel


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The clip Wally Meets The Colonel from Sgt. Bilko (1996)

Private Wally Holbrook reporting for duty.
First assignment?
Relax. Know where you're assigned?
Motor pool.
OK. Motor pool?
Yes, I...
You're going straight to the colonel.
Colonel? What'd I do?
How old are you, son?
Nineteen, sir.
Nineteen... So young.
I'm a first-rate mechanic. My two uncles owned a garage.
Got any money?
Yes, sir.
Give it to me.
It's all right.
My word, there must be $500 in here.
700. See, I worked at my uncle's...
You're going to take $700 in cash into Bilko's barracks?
Yes, sir. Who, sir?
Give me your hat, please.
Sergeant Bilko. Master Sergeant Ernest G Bilko.
Well, good luck. And Godspeed.
Thank you, sir.
Remember, if you need anything at all, need any help...
...the old colonel's door is always open.
Thank you, sir.

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