Sgt. Bilko (1996): Bilko's Morning


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The clip Bilko's Morning from Sgt. Bilko (1996) with Daryl Mitchell, Steve Martin

Let's go, campers! It's 10am. Time to start the day.
Mornin', Sarge.
It's that time of the decade.
You're taking a shower.
Do I have to?
Everyone feels pretty strongly about it. Here's the petition.
Aw, Sarge.
Why are you sitting there? You were full of energy at 6am.
I don't think the guys like me.
Oh? What makes you say that?
They wrote me a note.
"Wally, we don't like you. " And they all signed it.
Yeah, that's Doberman's "X".
Can I please have another roommate?
Why, what's the matter?
He wet his bed.
Oh, well, once in a while.
No. He did it from across the room.

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