Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993): First Date


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The clip First date from Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993) with Lauren Holly, Jason Scott Lee

you look great.
blue looks good on you.
I'm glad you like it. you look really good yourself.
I've never seen you with so many clothes on.
wanna get a table?
yeah. okay.
lee. we have reservations at 8:00.
I'm sorry. I don't have a table right now.
perhaps you'd like to sit at the bar.
okay. thank you.
a philosophy major. now what can you do with a philosophy major?
you can think deep thoughts about being unemployed.
you're such a good teacher. have you ever thought about teaching kung fu?
what do you think I've been doing?
no, but I mean really going for it. In the american way.
making a business. a chain, like mcdonald's.
I like teaching, but-
oh, sure, it's fun to throw helpless girls on the floor.
seriously, I like the way it changes people.
you can't change people with your fists. I've learned that.
see, they see something strange, something they don't understand...
and they get afraid.
teach them the beauty of that strange thing and they're no longer afraid...
because it's become part of them.
well, sometimes strange things can be very beautiful.
excuse me.
It's been half an hour and I still see people being seated ahead of us.
come, don't exaggerate. It's been barely twenty minutes.

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