Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993): Teaching and Meeting Linda


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The clip teaching and meeting Linda from Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993) with Jason Scott Lee

hey! ease up, ease up.
we come in peace.
I'm benny sayles and this is tad overton.
we just wanna ask you a question.
that jujitsu stuff. can you teach us?
can anybody do it?
I told you. It's secret chink stuff.
you okay?
yeah, I'm all right.
you see that? you see how it flowed? be like water.
water's the softest stuff in the world...
but it can fit into any container.
It seems weak, but it can penetrate rock.
be like the nature of water.
that's it for today. friday we spar, eh?
all right.
all right.
hi, guys.
hi, linda.
hi. hi.
Is this class only for guys?
'cause it looks like you only teach guys.
I teach whoever wants to learn. usually guys are the ones interested in fighting.
I've dated some of these animals.
I've done plenty of fighting.
ha ha.
but seriously, I'd like to take lessons.
how about friday? 3:00?
that's a date.
no, that's an appointment.
there's a difference.
see ya, bruce.
bye, guys.
bye, linda.
emotion can be the enemy.
If you give in to emotion, you can lose yourself.
be at one with your emotions...
because the body always follows the mind.
this is not about winning.
this is about perfection.
then why all those colored belts?
the only thing belts are good for is to hold your pants up.
okay, let's spar, shall we?
um, linda?

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