The Business (2005): Reunion Party Plan


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The clip reunion party plan from The Business (2005)

What's happened to you?
You all right, Sonny? You look like you've gone right to the front.
I took your old bar on, Charl.
Done it up like I said.
It's really cracking on.
Where's Frankie?
He's on his way back from C�diz. You seen any of the others?
I don't see anyone. Not after what happened.
What about my Sammy?
You hear things, but no, I ain't seen him in years.
I just keep my nut down.
If it weren't so hot, I'd say come down there for a drink.
Maybe I will.
They still want you here. I'd give it a wide.
Tell you what.
We'll have a reunion party.
What for?
What do you mean, what for?
I can pull a crowd like you've never seen before, son.
I'm not saying that.
I don't know, Charl. It's just...
I don't know, Charlie.
Yeah, yeah. That's what we'll do.
We'll get the old firm back for a night. Be fucking blinding.
It's changed down there, Charl.
I don't mean no offence, but you can't just steam in.
No offence?
I ain't just fucking steaming in, boy.
That club's still mine.
Well, legally it's mine, actually.
Hark at him, all the long words now.
Come on, son, it'll be blinding.
One little night.
For old times' sake.
Listen, you go and sort out the balloons,
and I'm gonna put the word out that I'm back.
Who to?
Fucking everyone!
Just like the old days, eh?
Yeah, like the old days.

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