The Business (2005): the Good Life Montage


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The clip the good life montage from The Business (2005)

I know when to go out
I know when to stay in
Get things done
I catch the paperboy
But things don't really change
I'm standing in the wind...
What do you reckon?
Never gonna fall for modern love
Walks beside me Modern love
Walks on by
I think we should knock down that wall, darling.
Whatever you want.
Get rid of all that Spanishified shit.
I want red, black and chrome everywhere.
See that terracotta? It's gotta go. I want marble throughout.
My gun cabinet?
Can't you put them under the bed?
...God and man
God and man
No confessions God and man
No religion God and man
Don't believe in...
That should take care of it.
Now fuck off out of my house.
He means it.
Now, be careful, there's a day's money in there. Go on.
And keep the change, you Toby.
Oooh! Ha, ha!
I think that was out, Charl.
Sammy, it was in.
No, that's... Carl?
No, it was out, Charl.
It was in.
It was fucking out! Don't fucking cheat!
Cunt. Sammy, it was in!
I ain't playing, Charl.

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