The Business (2005): Sonny Refuses the Mayor

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Published 30 Nov 2011
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The clip sonny refuses the mayor from The Business (2005)

We had more coke than we could handle.
The more we sent back home, the more they wanted it.
And by 1987, London was covered in a white blanket.
Every fucking one was at it.
From city boys to rent boys,
yuppie girls to call girls.
There were even stories of the Royals getting stuck in, banging it up their fucking toffee noses.
Maybe that's why she called her son Charlie.
And how do you think she survived on four hours� sleep a night?
In our own little way, we were shaping the future of our country.
After cocaine, it would never be the same.
It brought us together, pulled us apart, made us sell our souls as well as our mates.
It was a glorious time.
...for the touch of the younger kind
My, my, my
Aye, aye
And as long as we kept this old bastard happy and Sonny did his job,
it was never gonna end.
He say you have the face of a film star.
Well, tell him, I said thanks.
And I've actually been thinking about getting into acting when I get home.
Dice que gustar�a ser un actor.
Dile que si quiere ser un actor, yo tengo algo que mostrarle.
He say...
if you want to be an actor,
he has something to show you.
Come on, toilet. Come on.
I fucking love them Colombians!
I thought it'd be a fucking bag, wouldn't you?
What for?
Fucking old knob.
Fuck him. Come on.
It's still welcome. Fuck that.
Yeah, mate. Amigos.
Amigos, huh?
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