The Business (2005): Lunch with Carly Part 2


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The clip lunch with carly Part 2 from The Business (2005)

Shut up a minute. They're back.
How are you supposed to drive me in that?
Are you sober?
Can I smell your breath?
It's all right. Remember, you haven't had a drink.
Dirty fucking Dutch!
Hi, darling.
Hey, Charlie.
You seen what they've done to the Merc?
What's happened to you?
They've fucking shot the car to pieces, that's what they've done.
Get Danny and Ronnie and tell them we need them at the club tonight.
I said, get Danny and Ronnie and get yourself back here. We need to check this lot's working.
You're bleeding everywhere. You'd better get up the hospital.
Five is a prime number, innit, Charl?
Don't fucking drive me mad, Sam.
It's half down to you that I've got this. I asked you,
what about the Dutch firm?
Are they heavy? Do we do business with them? No, not you.
Not Sammy Brooks. He wants to run around fucking killing people.
What do you reckon, boys? Nice, eh?
Not the espadrilles. You need heels, babe.
I'm obviously not gonna wear it with fucking espadrilles. I was just showing you.

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