The Business (2005): Life Before Spain


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The clip life before Spain from The Business (2005)

What is it?
Only way to travel.
Be someone.
I have only one thing to say.
You turn if you want to.
The lady's not for turning.
Someone's had it.
Have it right, woman. I never lifted your money!
Leave her alone, Joe.
It's all right.
I'll sort it.
Yeah, run along, boy. Do as your mother says.
You touch her and I'll kill you.
Now get out, you bum.
Be someone.
I'm gonna be someone.
And I'm gonna ruin you.
You'll never be anything.
You ain't got the character, boy. Now, go on, fuck off.
You pay me or else you've fucking had it!
I'm fucking sick of it, do you hear me?
I'm fucking sick of it!
What am I gonna do, Jim?
Fancy a bit of sun?
I'm fucking polo.
I got something needs delivering. I'll look after you.
Get the bag straight to the man.
If you get lost down there, just ask for the playboy.
I understand, Jim. But tell me what's in the bag, please.
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