The Business (2005): Hold Up


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The clip hold up from The Business (2005) with Danny Dyer

It said, "If you don't wanna end up like me, stay away from crime, women and drugs. "
Problem is, it don't leave you with much else to do, does it?
Planet Earth
Only came outside
To watch the nightfall with the rain
I heard you making patterns rhyme
Like some New Romantic
Looking for the TV sound
You'll see I'm right some other time
Look now, look all around
There's no sign of life...
Put the fucking gun down!
Put the fucking gun down, you Spanish cunt!
Put it down! Fucking put it down!
Don't fucking move, you fat pot-nosed cunt!
Where is it, you fucking little cunt?
You're looking at Planet Earth
This is Planet Earth
Fucking put it down or I'll kill you!
For fuck's sake, just tell us...
Where's the fucking gear?
Tell me where the fucking gear is!
Tell me where it is!
Else I swear I'll fucking kill the lot of you!
Where? Where?
Ten years in paradise living the dream.
It had to come to an end one day.
But there was a time when me and the playboy had the world in our hands.
Anyway, fuck it.
Better to be someone for a day than no-one for a lifetime.

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