In Good Company (2004): Fire Employees


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The clip fire employees from In Good Company (2004) with Dennis Quaid, Kevin Chapman

/ Be this sunset soon forgotten /
/ And what's worth keepin' /
/ Sun still sinkin' /
/ Down and down /
/ Once again /
/ Down and down /
/ Gone again //
What, are you living here now?
What... We, uh... What time is it?
7:00 a.m.
Look, l've been thinking all night.
And, uh, if it has to be done,
l should be the one to do it.
Guys, l feel really terrible about what l'm about to say.
But l'm afraid you're both being let go.
Let go? What does that mean?
lt means you're being fired, Louie.
Believe me, if l had any choice in this, l would...

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