In Good Company (2004): Following Crater Part 3


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The clip following Crater Part 3 from In Good Company (2004) with Dennis Quaid, Scarlett Johansson

You love her? She's my daughter.
She's in college. She's a college student.
l took out a fricking second mortgage so she could go.
Three years ago she was in braces.
l'm sorry.
This guy.
You had to sleep with him?
Dad, l...
(Alex) Dad.
Dad! Wait, l'm sorry.
This had nothing to do with you.
He's my boss, Alex.
l know. But it just happened.
We made a deal, remember?
We made a deal we'd always be honest with one another.
Dad, l was like 5 years old when we made that deal.
Yeah. l liked you better then.
That's awful.
That's an awful thing to say.
Dad, please don't walk away. l want to talk to you.
Why? You don't need my advice about anything.

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