In Good Company (2004): Carter Opens Up


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The clip Carter opens up from In Good Company (2004) with Scarlett Johansson, Topher Grace

Oh, hey.
l was, uh, just looking at you and...
And you've...
We never got to...
That day in the elevator.
My name's Carter Duryea.
Yeah, l know who you are.
Does my dad know you're here?
Uh, your dad invited me over for dinner.
Uh, who's that?
Uh, it's Dad's new boss.
You can't be Dad's new boss. You're too young.
Yeah, and he's also scared shitless.
Wow, good memory.
And you're too cute to be Dad's boss.
Oh, well, thank you.
l got it!
So, uh, how's it going?
So what are you doing here, really?
Uh, my wife left me, and today's the anniversary of our first date.
l found the idea of going home to be so depressing
that l kind of leeched onto your dad
and invited myself over for dinner.
Wow, you're sort of a bizarrely honest guy. Huh?
No. Honestly, l'm...
l'm not.
Just around you, for some reason.
People would probably say that l'm an emotionally guarded
anal-retentive asshole.
You wanna play foosball? Okay.
Cool, l'll just change.
Okay. Good. Yeah.
Do you think Alex could cope with living in the city on her own?

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