In Good Company (2004): Fire Company Emloyees


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The clip fire company emloyees from In Good Company (2004)

They wouldn't let me just get regular seats for the Knicks game.
No, it's okay.
Look, Dan. l've been instructed not to advertise
with Sports America anymore.
We were bought out last year by this company called Continental Brands.
Apparently, the company that bought us
and the company that bought you
are having a feud over wireless communications in Europe.
Wireless communications?
What--what the hell does that have to do with our business?
Nothing. But we have this corporate policy now.
Look, l'm sorry, Dan.
Dan, l have to
fire Louie and Morty.
No, you don't.
l do.
We're gonna get those ad pages back.
We'll get those...
Oh, my God! lt's like you don't get it or something.
That was a huge client.
Steckle gave me a bottom line here.
l have to increase pages.
We already got Harry, Pete, and Alicia on the Ford account.
Morty's the logical choice.
Oh, and the new woman at Pepsi thinks that Louie's a sexist.
Guess why. He called her sugar tits.
He's an idiot.
Come on, you can't fire these guys.
These are my guys.
They've been with me for eight years.
l hired them at the same time.
Yeah, l know, Dan.
That's why they have huge, bloated salaries.
And they're not pulling their weight.
l'm sorry.
Well, l've been here for 23 years.

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