In Good Company (2004): Carter's Loneliness Montage


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The clip Carter's loneliness montage from In Good Company (2004)

(Enrique) Really? Really! Are you smiling?
You're smiling! This is funny to you.
Guess what? You have no idea
what a nightmare you're about to step into, my friend.
We'll see how soon this place goes down the poop chute without me.
Maybe there is justice in the world.
(Enrique) You enjoying yourselves? Great.
/ Untie me, I've said no vows /
/ The train is getting way too loud /
Carter is ready for you.
/ I gotta leave here my girl /
/ Get on with my lonely life /
Dan, uh, l'd like you to take a look at one of these forms for me.
lt's a 360 evaluation. Mmm-hmm.
lt's basically an evaluation from every angle.
That's why it's called a 360.
lt's corporate policy.
But it would be great if l had it by Monday.
lf you really want to get aggressive,
to penetrate that core demographic--
l believe that-- Dan, not now.
Sports America is the number one magazine, boys 13 to 18 in the country.
/ I spent 12 long months on the lam /
/ That's enough sitting on the fence /
Hi, leave me a message or don't.
Hi, it's me.
l mean, you know it's me.
Uh, just filling up the old mailbox. So give me a call
or don't.
/ And go out of my head /
/ You love a sinking stone /
Here, boy.
/ That'll never elope /
/ So get used to the lonesome /
Oh, hi, Mrs. Cherneski.
No, l didn't know he moved out.
Well, tell him Carter says hi.
Here, boy!
Here, boy!

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