In Good Company (2004): Catching Up


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The clip catching up from In Good Company (2004) with David Paymer

Hey! You're back!
Yeah, back in the saddle.
And look at you. You're--you're...
You look like a delivery guy.
Oh, do you know Dan's daughter Alex?
Yeah. What are you doing here?
l'm surprising my dad. Tennis.
(Morty) Alex is a fantastic tennis player.
She was a junior champ, right?
Really? Oh, you're into... You're into tennis, huh?
How is everything?
Good. Really...
Really good.
Um, l'm leaving town, actually.
l think l'm going to try teaching
or, um, maybe open an Awapuhi store.
l don't know. Uh...
How are you doing?
(Alex) Good. Very good.
l've been working on some short stories.
Oh. That's awesome.
Well, l got a raise. Dan got me a raise.
Which is a good thing, because my wife just got laid off.
Timing's everything in life, right?
Well, good seeing you. Take care, Carter.
Yeah. Look, it was really great seeing both you guys.
You, too, Carter. lt was...
lt was really good to see you.

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