In Good Company (2004): Get Old Job Back


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The clip get old job back from In Good Company (2004)

Hey, Dan. Where you been?
Los Angeles.
We made a huge sale.
Congratulations. So did Teddy K.
He sold the company to CalCor Communications.
(Carter) Mark! What happened?
l thought you said Teddy K. was buying another company.
That's what they told me, but he sold us.
l'm out.
Wait, you're out?
Yeah. They're reorganizing the whole company.
You're out, too. l think you're in.
l'm in what?
Your old job.
What? Running the department?
That's the rumor.
The whole thing seems so arbitrary.
l feel used.
Kind of tough to know you're replaceable, huh?
l'm--l'm sorry you lost your jobs.

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