Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004): Tangerine


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The clip tangerine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) with Mark Ruffalo, Elijah Wood

Hey, Tangerine.
Oh, Patrick, it's you.
I'm so miserable right now.
Why? What's wrong? I don't know.
Excuse me? I'm so confused!
Can I help you find something, sir?
Confused? What are you confused about? Everything's fine.
Baby, come here.
Scared of what?
Do you love me? Of course I do.
Where's the self-help section?
Do you think I'm ugly?
No! You're beautiful!
Maybe I should come over. No, no.
I don't know. I
I'm a mess, Patrick.
Well, just let me come over. I'll cheer you up.
Stan, can I leave for a while? My girlfriend's really upset.
We're right in the middle of erasing this poor man's...
Let him go, Stan!
Let him go. I'll help.
See? How hard can it be?
She hates me. She wants me to go.
All right. I'll be right over, Tangerine.
You like?
Oh, man!
I matched my sweatshirt exactly.
I like it. You do?
You look like a tangerine. Ohh!
"Clemen-teen" the tangerine. Mmm! Juicy!
And seedless. I like that.
I like tangerines!
Can you see me doing ducks?
Tangerine. Joel. Ducks. Quack-quack.
How does he know to call you that? How did who know?
Oh, my God. Clem? This is pretty cool.
That's what they called themselves.
The Clash... the only band that mattered.
They called themselves that for a reason.
It's amazing, isn't it? Like social justice... Yeah, it's totally incredible.

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