The Rebel (2006): Losing Their Freedome


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The clip losing their freedome from The Rebel (2006)

Look, the station shouldn't be far from here.
We'll be on the first train tomorrow.
I think it's best if I take the train alone.
No matter what,
you'll never trust me, will you?
It's not that.
Then what?
Just because you helped me
doesn't mean my father will believe you and forget what you've done.
That young boy I killed at the assassination...
he was a brave kid. Who was he?
Just a boy from my village.
He wanted to make his father proud.
What does he know about this war?
He knew those that come to this land
take what doesn't belong to them.
When I was in France,
everywhere I went...
I dreamt that one day
our country would have such magnificent things too.
I know we have so much to do.

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