The Rebel (2006): Getting Fake IDs


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The clip getting fake IDs from The Rebel (2006)

We have to lose this car.
I need a tax ID card.
You're putting everyone at risk.
Just help me. Finish those IDs.
You think it's that simple?
That's why I need you.
Tell me the truth. Why are you doing this?
Do you know what it feels like
to shoot somebody?
I know I can't change your mind,
but remember this-
if you do this,
there's no turning back.
Also, you and the girl
were never here today.
I need to do one more thing.
But I don't have time.
Give me 10 minutes. It's about my father.
Give me my papers.
I have become a wanted man.
This could be the last time I see my father.

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