Ôdishon (1999): The First Auditions


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The clip The First Auditions from Ôdishon (1999)

Well... I feel like a criminal.
I'm ready.
Let's start.
Pleased to meet you.
Please sit.
My name is Yu Tanaka.
Please have a seat.
Are you nervous?
A little bit.
Sorry, you are the first one.
That's OK.
We're going to tape you. But don't worry.
Do you mind if I ask what your father's job is?
Well... my father's... job is...
What can I say?
Next one.
I'm going to ask you frankly. Why did you apply for this part?
Have you ever had sex with someone you don't like?
Are you interested in drugs?
Can you act a little bit for us?
Go ahead.
What music do you like?
Which actress do you like?
I like Mituko Mori.
I used to love sports. At school, I played...
Did you ever want to work for the sex industry?
I have a friend who is working in that area.
What are men to you? Have you ever seen Tarkovsky's films?

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