Ôdishon (1999): Catching A Fish


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The clip Catching A Fish from Ôdishon (1999)

7 years later
Hey, let's go home. The waves are too high.
Dad, no luck again?
You don't understand. I'm only after the big ones.
I prefer real-life girls to imaginary big fish.
When you grow up, you'll understand.
It's called romanticism.
I have done the planning. I'll bring it tomorrow.
Yes... Hello?
Sorry I have to go.
This is too big for us. We'll share it with Rie.
You don't bring friends home anymore. Is everything OK?
Did you know that black sea bream originate as males?
When they reach 15 cm long, they become unisex.
Then some become female.
Oh really?
What about this one?
We saw ovaries.
Did we?

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