Ôdishon (1999): The Audition Plan


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The clip The Audition Plan from Ôdishon (1999) with Jun Kunimura

Have an audition.
It'll be a romantic story. Remember your documentary?
Love triangle between dancer, patron and a Down syndrome boy.
Teamed up with a German TV station.
I'll rearrange the story. Any problems?
I don't see any problems, but we're going to audition?
Trust me. Have I ever disappointed you?
Well no, but...
The heroine is supposed to be in her early 20's to 30.
The conditions are that she be a well trained person. No problems, huh?
Wouldn't it be fraudulent?
This audition is not only about finding you a wife. It's part of making a movie.
Collect enough money, we have the movie.
The story isn't bad.
Am I supposed to marry the main girl?
No, a girl with that much talent wouldn't marry you.
They aren't the marrying type.
Really good ones will always fail the second interview.
They are quite attractive.
Smart, with a good upbringing. Traditional and well trained.
Wishing her to be your son's wife?
I don't get it.
Why can't she get the main part?
They are not unhappy.
Happy people can't act well.
And another thing. I have a plan to work with FM, I'll combine this.
Make another program called "Tomorrow's Heroine".

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