Kindergarten Cop (1990): Zach's Father


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The clip zach's father from Kindergarten Cop (1990) with Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Hammil

Okay. I'm proud of you. keep going.
I'm sorry Zach's late. The car wouldn't start.
You be a good boy.
I love you.
Hi, champ.
What's the matter?
Oh, no.
I fell down again.
Hey, wait a minute.
I forgot to close the door to the basement...
and Zach had a bad fall.
You all say the same thing, "He fell down. "
Don't you have anything better to say?
I don't have to justify myself to you!
You have no right talking to me like that.
How are you doing?
You must be the Mr. kimble we hear so much about.
You hit the kid, I hit you.
You bastard!
You're not worth it.
I'm pressing charges against you.
Excuse me, everybody.
I'm sorry. I shouldn't have hit the man...
especially in front of the children.
It was a mistake.
I checked you out.
There is no record of you ever having taught
at any public school...
in California or anywhere else.
Mr. kimble...
you have no teaching experience whatsoever, do you?
Someone finally noticed.
I thought the introduction of a ferret
was a horrible idea...
but the children seemed to like it.
I thought the use of your police whistle was outrageous-
That's all I could think of.
Please allow me to finish.

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