Kindergarten Cop (1990): Pharmacist


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The clip pharmacist from Kindergarten Cop (1990) with Richard Tyson, Carroll Baker

Daryl. Daryl.
I'm sorry. I wanted to give you a second chance.
200, cash.
What is wrong with you?
I'm still not getting through to you, am I, Daryl?
Mother, got this great surprise for Junior.
That'll be 57.90.
Children's aspirin, children's decongestant...
A thermometer?
A lot of flu going around, right?
It is the season.
The boy's not sick.
Doesn't hurt to take precautions.
Mother, you are going to make him sick.
You stuffed all this crap into me, and nothing was wrong.
That's why there was nothing wrong with you.
Now, how can you argue with that?

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