Kindergarten Cop (1990): Who's My Daddy Part 2


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The clip who's my daddy Part 2 from Kindergarten Cop (1990) with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sarah Rose Karr

and he's, um, the boss of his company...
and, um, he has a mustache and a beard.
He doesn't have that much hair because-
and he- his head is so big
that he can't wear any hats.
My dad's divorced.
My mom's divorced.
My dad, um, is a psychologist...
and he helps people that are hurt
or lost their feelings...
and, um, that's it.
Our mom says that our dad
is a real sex machine.
I don't know what my dad does.
I haven't seen him in a long time.
He lives in France.
My dad is a gynecologist...
and he looks at vaginas all day long.
Mi papa trabaja en la casa...
y el juega conmigo mucho.
Thank you. Very good.
Okay. Next, uh-
What's his name with his back to me?
His name's Zach Sullivan.
He doesn't like anyone to talk to him.
He's a poo-poo head.
He's a poo-poo face.
He's a ca-ca poo-poo.
He's a poo-poo ca-ca.
Poo-poo ca-ca!
Poo-poo ca-ca!
That's enough.
Hey, Zach.
Did your daddy teach you this game?
Come on, Zach. Let's all play together.
It's so much more fun.
Leave me alone!

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