Kindergarten Cop (1990): Dinner with Joyce Part 2


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The clip dinner with joyce Part 2 from Kindergarten Cop (1990) with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Penelope Ann Miller

I like how they talk.
I've been trying to get to know the parents...
but some of them are avoiding me.
Some of them are like that.
It's a strange town that way...
especially with new arrivals.
What do you mean?
I think a lot of people
that come to small towns
are trying to get away from something
or they're hiding something.
Like what?
Well, for example, what brought you here?
Me? Well, there was an opening
for a kindergarten teacher.
Yeah, but what made you become a kindergarten teacher?
I mean, it is a bit unusual.
John is a bit unusual.
You are.
I was born in Austria.
My father was a teacher.
My mother was a teacher.
So is Ursula.
We have a tradition in Austria
where we follow the footsteps of our parents.
So when I moved to this country...
I taught geography
and physical education in Arizona...
and then I coached basketball
at an all-girls school in Rhode Island, but...
none of it made me really happy.
Why weren't you happy?
Ja. Why weren't you happy?
Well, I got tired of teaching teenagers...
because by the time they came to me...
I felt there wasn't much I could do with them.
I realized that the real action is in kindergarten.
How long have you been teaching kindergarten?
It's my second day.
Ooh, excuse me, but it's good.
It is good.
Thanks again.

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