Mallrats (1995): Topless Psychic


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The clip topless psychic from Mallrats (1995) with Jeremy London, Jason Lee

Who's Ivannah?
I can't even find the words.
Is that ingenuity or what?
What does palm reading have to do with being topless?
Makes the news easier to take.
She could tell me I was gonna die in ten minutes, so long as she told me topless.
Your maleness amazes me sometimes.
What can I say? I love tits.
What kind of people patronize this service?
People like us.
You're not suggesting you
Come on! Don't be such a damned fundamentalist.
I've already reached my lowest today. This is where I draw the line.
You used to like tits too.
Hey, I love tits as much as the next guy...
but why would I wanna pay some old hag good money for some supernatural chicanery...
coupled with sagging, wrinkled, weathered boobs?
Man, this place is something out of Octopussy.
You've come for a glimpse at your future?
Amongst other things.
Talents like those I possess are not to be taken lightly.
If you have heart condition, suffer from nervous nausea...
or have a family history of stress-induced breakdowns...
Empire Entertainment recommend...
you do not partake in the fortune-telling activities contained within.
You guys still in?
We're both healthy and strapping young men.
You give me 58 dollar, 60 cents.
What? You expect me to pay for this?
I'm broke. I'll pay you back.
Oh, my God, I knew it!
I can't believe you. I didn't even wanna do this.
You'll thank me later.
Thank you.
All right, gentlemen, free your mind.
I'd like to free something.
"Fuckus. "
That's what I was thinking.
She said "focus. "
I sense a grave disturbance between you both.
A difficulty in affecting a resolution...

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