Mallrats (1995): Confront on Stage Part 2

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The clip confront on stage Part 2 from Mallrats (1995) with Claire Forlani, Jeremy London I was in love. B...
The clip confront on stage Part 2 from Mallrats (1995) with Claire Forlani, Jeremy London I was in love. But I thought that I had a partner. Somebody who wouldn't fall to pieces when things didn't go his way. How so? My father needed a contestant for his show, T.S. What was I supposed to do? Maybe show a little backbone. Show a little "backbone"? What did you do? When I walked away, did you make any effort to repair that breach? No, you ran off and cried on the shoulder of Bumble the Boy Wonder over there. "Boy Wonder"? I'm all man, lady! So, you're here now and you're ruining my father's new show. You're airing all our personal business on stage. You've gone this far. Why don't you tell them the whole story? There we were, mere hours away from spending an entire week together away from our family... and she throws in the towel because her daddy says so. The girl who was meant to be sitting in this chair died in a pool. When I tried to explain this to him... he was such an asshole about it, that even though it killed me to do it... I broke up with him. I've been crying all day. But what did he do? He just goes on with his life. I mean, here he is. He's hanging out at a mall. You put yourself on an auction block in front of a live studio audience! Do I get a chance to field any more questions? No! I think I should say something. I know both of you pretty well. Suitor-ette, suitor number one has done nothing but pine over you all day... trying to figure out a way to win you back. And when this public opportunity to literally do that arose... he pulled his shit together... and faced the odds to get up here and give it his best shot! I'm tired of this whole thing! You're both retarded for each other. Why don't you forget about the shit that happened and do what you're supposed to? I think the audience would agree with me there.